5 Years Cancer-Free from Prostate Cancer

February 11, 2022


In 2015 my PSA rose 0.5 every 6 months. Dr. Mitchell Kotler was my urologist that was tenacious and continued to have a questioning attitude. I had two biopsy (12 point) over a year period and then a 24 point biopsy in the hospital in 2016. We finally found the cancer in the prostate that was identified in October 2016. I elected to get the prostate removed in March 2017 and the pathology found another area in the prostate that was below the bladder. By removing the prostate, it mitigated any more spread of the disease to my body.

I am cancer-free with a PSA of < 0.1. over a 5 years period. I was fortunate to have a doctor like Mitchell Kolter. Without his methods and overall questioning to not give up on me saved my life.

Bravo Zulu (Navy term)
– Gregory S.

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