A Special Healthcare Team

June 11, 2020


I found out that I had prostate cancer over 2 years ago. I had prostate infections on and off over many years and was under the care of Dr. Louis Galdieri at NJU. My annual healthcare exam showed my PSA was rising and my family doctor, Dr. Suarez, recommended I check back with Dr. Galdieri thinking that it was another infection acting up.

We tried the antibiotic treatments for a few weeks and my PSA continued to rise. Dr. Galdieri suggested getting a biopsy done and it came back positive for cancer. When my wife and I returned to his office to go over my options, he recommended robotic surgery and said that Dr. Domenico Savatta was one of the top doctors in this field of this type of surgery.

My appointment with Dr. Savatta to review my test and set up a date for surgery went extremely well. He is a doctor with much belief and confidence that he would heal my health problem. He explained everything that I needed to know beforehand and after the surgery for recovery. The surgery was done at Beth Israel Hospital and went as planned. Everyone in the hospital were very helpful and caring. I was sent home the next day and returned to the office of Dr. Savatta 2 days later for my follow up. All went well. He explained the cancer was contained to the prostate and he saved all surrounding nerves.

Dr. Savatta took the time to explain to my wife and myself exactly what to expect with my healing process. I left his office feeling great knowing that I made the right decision. Today as I write this I just recently had my semi-annual 6-month checkup and feel as confident as ever in the decisions I made for my healthcare. I again want to thank all of the members of the NJU staff for taking such good care of me. I would highly recommend anyone who needs robotic surgery to choose Dr. Savatta.

– Harry D’Aloia

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