A Tough Hurdle

June 5, 2020


When I was first diagnosed with Prostate cancer, I was scared, I had never had cancer before. I was stunned because I was only 59 years old and thought if I was going to get Prostate cancer, I would get it in my seventies. I was also stunned that I had been diagnosed with Prostate cancer with such a low PSA of 1.9.

Although I was diagnosed with cancer, I was very fortunate to have a wife who is very knowledgeable, and my rock in helping me choose the perfect surgeon in Dr. Gordon Brown for my R.R.P.P. She was with me every step of the way, from being diagnosed, going thru surgery, and recovery at home.

A special thank you to Dr. Mitchell Kotler for finding my cancer at its early stage, Dr. Gordon Brown who performed the R.R.P.P. surgery, and my wife as the perfect care giver. With Faith, family, and friends, I am now 2 years cancer-free.

– Michael Spina

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