Forever Grateful

June 9, 2020


My story is not unique, but comes from a thankful heart. Like many, my father had prostate cancer so at age 40, I began yearly PSA tests. My nurse practitioner called because for the first time, at age 54, my number went over 1. Not an alarming number for me but she wanted to be cautious. After visiting a physician who was unclear on direction, I went to DVU (now NJ Urology) at the recommendation of my sister-in-law.

From the first visit at Mt. Laurel, I knew I was with a trusted group. Two biopsies later, prostate cancer was found, operated on and I made a full recovery. The aggressiveness higher than the biopsy showed and I cannot be thankful enough to my physicians for their approach and care. Hoping my two sons will never see this cancer. We’re proud to support yearly walks with Zero. With a grateful heart and family, I am a survivor.

– Roger Weiss

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