Happy Endings

July 10, 2020


In 2003, I was on a medication that long term, can create kidney stones. My MD ordered a US scan just to make sure I didn’t have any stones forming up in the kidneys. I didn’t, but I did have a renal cell malignant mass on my right kidney. My MD referred me to NJ Urology and then Dr. Domenico Savatta.

After reviewing my US and CT scans, he reviewed several options I had. He did this in a calm and re-assuring voice and answered all our questions and concerns my wife and I had in a very supportive and confident matter. Being 56 yrs. old and finding out you have cancer; we needed his assurances snd support. We chose surgery and it was done at BI hospital using the Da Vinci Robotic system, which Dr. Savatta was one of the first trained and using at the time. Because of that, he was able to completely remove the mass and not have to remove the kidney. I was home the next day and f/u at NJ Urology was excellent.

Forward to 2010, my 6 month PSA check the # went up a little bit but still normal. Dr. Savatta felt uneasy about that so he ordered a more accurate blood test which came back normal. Two days later Dr. Savatta called and said it was a high normal and felt we should do a biopsy just to be safe. We did an it came back positive for cancer. Although not related to the kidney cancer, we agreed on surgery. So, 7 yrs. to the day, my prostate was removed using Da Vinci again. Dr. Savatta assured me that the cancer was contained within the prostate and my bladder my bladder and surrounding tissue were clean of disease. No radiation required!

I can’t say enough about the staff at NJU. They are caring and supportive. They make you feel that everything is going to be OK. In regard to Dr. Savatta, there just isn’t enough time or space to say how much he has impacted my life. I truly believe without him, my life may have taken a different path. It is now 2020 and with all the issues and fears we’re dealing with, Dr. Savatta continues to create Happy Endings.

– Walter Drury

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