Thank You Dr. Gejerman!

January 14, 2021


When I was first diagnosed, I was naturally scared. There were three doctors that I had chosen to speak with. When I came to see Dr. Glen Gejerman, he put it right on the table – asked me questions to answer. He made me very, very comfortable and before I left that office, I told him he was the doctor I chose.

When I came into the radiation room, the staff made you very relaxed and comfortable, because you’re very uneasy in this environment with this huge machine. They tell you it will be about two minutes tops and, before you know it, it’s over and done.

The doors opened up – life after treatment is wonderful! When I chose Dr. Gejerman, it was for many reasons. One, he talked to me not only as a doctor but as a guy that really, really cared. That’s what put me over the top and that’s when I put all my trust and faith in him. He was my angel, he was my angel.

– Michael Secli

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