Thank you Dr. Michael Bernstein!

June 3, 2020


In 2004 I had a bad kidney stone. While being treated by Dr. Michael Bernstein he noticed a minute cyst on one of my kidneys. He monitored it for years but it got to the point that the cancerous cyst resulted in a kidney removal. During that time Dr. Bernstein also monitored my enlarged prostate. When my PSA numbers continued to rise, he calmly explained all of my options. I chose radiation therapy. I went faithfully to every treatment.

I met and made friends with the other men during that time. I always kept a positive attitude and never experienced any bad effects. My PSA numbers have dropped dramatically. I’m sincerely grateful that I had such an intelligent, patient, kind and professional doctor to keep me informed, reassure me and guide me through this journey. Thank you Dr. Bernstein!

– Jay Grear

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