Thanking NJU (formerly Delaware Valley Urology)

June 7, 2020


I was working during the summer of 2016. As I was driving I felt uncomfortable. I used donut cushions and nothing I did helped relieve the discomfort. I got an appointment with my Proctologist thinking it was my Colon. After an exam Dr. Irwin said my prostate was enlarged and he recommended me to Dr. David Sussman at Delaware Urology, now New Jersey Urology. Dr. Sussman did an exam and confirmed I had an enlarged Prostate. He ordered a biopsy of the Prostate; the test came back with 8 out of 12 Gleason 8 and higher. I then met with Dr. Gordon Brown and discussed surgery, I also met with Dr. Mertz about Radiation treatment. I chose the surgery, I had the surgery Dec 16, 2016. I had 40 radiation treatments.

I am Cancer-free with 0 PSA to date. I want to thank Dr. Sussman, Dr. Gordon Brown (surgeon), and Dr. Mertz (radiation), and also the Wonderful Staff who were ALL VERY PROFESSIONAL during my visits at the office.

Thank You All,
Harry Moore

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